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It is Alan Ball that has brought the new found attention to Ms Harris' books. As for Alan Ball, he is a superb creator of drama with a quirk (American Beauty, 6 Feet Under, et al) and has taken the Sookie mystique and made her into a TV heroine for the masses. After the airing order Miami Vice all seasons dvds of the second episode, I immediately logged on to and ordered the 7 paperback books that were available. Later I logged on and purchased book 8 because I was unwilling to wait 6 months purchase Miami Vice 1-5 for the mass market paperback release. So, because of True Blood on HBO, I am a fan of Ms Harris' books.And the kicker is this: Even though sale all seasons of The Unit series I have all 12 episodes of True Blood plus the 1-hour Special safely archived on my TiVo, I am purchasing the DvD of the first season too.Alan Ball and Anna Paquin RULE! What more could you ask for? Colorful characters, burning love and lust in the bayou, prejudice. The first episode is clearly feeling its' way around but by episode 3, the show is really hitting its' stride. A must for vampire lore lovers and those who like sardonic wit. and nudity. There is lots of nudity on this show. I watch it for vampire Bill. Alan Ball's heavy, worldly, realisitic material (Six Feet Under, Amercan Beauty) always had elements of fun, fantasy, and sexuality. So what would happen if Ball took on a show based on a series of southern gothic fantasy-romance-horror novels?True Blood is a freakin blast. It's fun, it's sexy, order Friday Night Lights series seasons it's thrilling, it's over-the-top, it's engrossing, and totally addictive. By increasing the roles of the supporting characters in Charlaine Harris' equally addictive novels, Ball Arrested Development seasons set 1-3 has managed to create an true ensemble show which combines the sexy and supernatural with Ball's trademark depth and social commentary.Obviously creative liberties needed to be taken in order to turn the books into a series, but I doubt Charlaine Harris is Seinfeld dvd sales irked. This show could Breaking Bad 1-2 collection box set have easily been a cheese-tastic CW mess, but with Oscar-winning Gossip Girl dvd 1-3 season Anna Paquin playing Sookie Stackhouse, Ball at the helm, and quality-driven HBO as the host, I don't see how the series could have possibly turned out better. I was skeptical about this series after watching the first episode, but Curb Your Enthusiasm series season collection I gave it another shot and found myself enjoying it more and more. It's a type of show that doesn't take itself too seriously, despite some of the more serious plot elements, like murder. Anna Paquin is fantastic, along with several other members of sale Rescue Me complete box set the cast.Sure, the show's a CSI:NY set 1-6 dvd little cheesy at times, but I think the writers are aware of that and it seems to add to the charm. Yes, there is a lot of gratuitous sex, but at least it's interesting sex and should probably be expected from an HBO program.Overall, I think this show is just dirty fun. Got the DVD set for the wife. She loves the novels and buy Two and a Half Men box set she loved the series when it aired on HBO.I'm puzzled by the packaging. Wished HBO had used slim cases for the DVDs instead of that old-fashioned fold-out packaging. I hate that the show is even called True Blood. Alan Ball needed to create his own series and say that it was 'inspired by the Sookie Smallville complete series dvd box set Stackhouse series' and just written Charlaine Harris a fat check. It is clear that he has his own Fringe 1-2 seasons collection agenda and vision and that is all good but he should have created his own vampire world and left Sookie alone. I season 1-7 Cold Case dvd didn't expect the series to be exactly like MASH complete seasons on dvd the books. I understand that not everything in print translates to film, however, the books contain fun and exciting plots that would have worked as a series.


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