Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1-7 on dvd

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1-7 on dvd

Post  cutexin on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:26 am

It's a fun way to step into a different kind of world for a while. I wanna move to Bon Temp and I don't Nikita series collection 1-5 even know if it's a real town Smile This show is amazing. Yes it is a vampire soap that takes place in hicktown USA, and that is what makes it so good. The characters, the town, and the storylines are just what I wanted to 30 Rock 1-4 complete season see. Emmy award winning TV? Oz season 1-6 collection Probably not. Loads of fun, escapist, vampire filled fluff? Yes!!! I don't have HBO, so I had to wait for the DVDs to see the show and I was SO excited...until I watched them. I am a HUGE fan of the Southern Vampire books and if you can separate the books from the TV show, then the TV show is good and has potential. If you're Star Trek Voyager store already a fan of the novels, then you are probably like me and have a mental image of what the characters look like and how they act...and the actors in the series are NOT them, so you simply can't watch it without comparing it to the books ***SPOILER ALERTS***(especially since Season One is the TV version of book Doctor Who complete dvd 1-5 one, "Dead Until Dark" & leads into book 2 in the final episode when Lafayette is found dead Californication dvd boxsets in Andy's car.) Anna Paquin would not have been who I envisioned as Sookie, and the TV Eric looks nothing like a hunky sale The Shield seasons hulk of a Viking. The character of Jason is Sanctuary box set seasons 1-2 TOTALLY different in the show than in the books. I don't recall him being a drug addict or LaFayette dealing. The show is WAY over-sexed, and while the TV Jason does have a nice back-side...well, it's akin to watching soft porn at times. The book had some nice love scenes and I'm no prude, but leave a LITTLE for the imagination! And didn't Eric kill Long Shadow? When did Bill create an obnoxious teen vampire girl? Tara is BFFs with the Maenad Hawaii Five O set seasons 1-9 and sleeping with Sam? Jason joins the Church of the Sun (which was supposed to be in Dallas)? I suppose I don't see why so many major changes had to be made to a best-selling and excellent Prison Break box set 1-4 complete story line and cast of characters. Had I not read the books before watching the series, I would have been hooked (or bitten) as the case may Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1-7 on dvd be. As it stands, my husband refuses to watch it with me because I'm always yelling at the TV, "That's not how it happened! WTF?!?!" That being said, the theme song is awesome and I highly recommend downloading it on iTunes. As for the series, either DVR it or rent on Netflix, but save your money buying it and read the books instead. I'll watch season 2, just because now I want to see what else they'll do to further whore my fave vampire series. It's like watching a train wreck, it's awful, but you can't stop looking. I just hope Ms. Harris doesn't start molding the books to fit the show. The first season was so great, and left me wanting so much more that I picked the series up to read while I wait for season two. The characters are superb, and I like that the Breaking Bad box set 1-2 dvd series focused as much on minor characters as main (unlike the books) because all of the characters are complex and interesting. Yes, even Jason, once Desperate Housewives box set 1-6 collection you dig below the surface. This show has everything; romance, mystery, horror, fantasy, sex, supernatural beings, humor... the list could go on. I was so heavily engaged and attached to so many characters right away that I found myself very upset when certain characters The Mentalist 1-2 complete season died, which goes to sale MASH on dvd boxset show how much it pulls you in. I also never Californication set season 1-3 saw the end coming with season one, I never would have expected the killer to be who it was!


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