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Post  sky145206 Mon May 23, 2011 12:44 pm

"Love the new series!!! This new series rocks! Just saw the season finale on tv...Matt Smith is awesome as the doctor. Can't wait to see what the next season of his run as the doctor holds Law & Order:Special Victims Unit complete seasons 11 in store for us who fans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"Exceeded all expectations. Great show! ""Matt Smith Brothers and Sisters dvd seasons 1-4 had a huge pair of shoes to fill after the likes of David Tennant and fill them he did. He performs well beyond anything I'd expected. Much as I would for any Doctor Who series,"" I highly recommend ownership of the box set. """""
"The Doctor...series 5 ""There has been a refreshing evolution. I won't forget Chris & Billie and I truely miss David & Catherine,"" but Matt & Karen have that same hot spark. I'm looking forward to their traditional Christmas special and eagerly await series 6. """""
"Disappointing season plagued by poor disk menus ""I was looking forward to series 5 since hearing that David Tennant would be leaving the show.Matt Smith as the Doctor was good, and I enjoyed his portrayal of the the 11th incarnation of the Ugly Betty box set 1-3 Time Lord. Likewise I thought Karen Gillan's Amy Pond was a fun companion that had the resourcefulness and courage of Donna Noble, but without all the whining and yelling.Unfortunately the writing for this series ranged from moderately good to absolutely dreadful. This was the biggest disappointment of the season because Steven Moffat penned my favorite episodes for the Two and a Half Men complete previous four seasons, and as the new lead writer and executive producer I was expecting similar quality from the scripts for season 5 (at least for some of them). But there were no stand outs like "The Empty Child", "Blink", or "The Girl in box set The West Wing the Fireplace."The new Tardis interior exemplifies the old saying that bigger is not always better. I like the concept of allowing the Tardis to rebuild itself after its near destruction during the regeneration from the 10th to 11th Doctor, but why so 80s and why so orange?And then there is the format of the disks themselves. The menus are poorly designed with no episode sub-menus (or selection) and only scene selections (yes,"" you can watch an episode by selecting its first scene). It comes across as having been thrown together in a hurry. The sound also appears to have been mixed poorly with the dialogue constantly overwhelmed by the music and sound effects. """""
"A New Doctor to Enjoy!!! ""The saying goes "You'll always remember your first Doctor". Matt Smith is not my first Doctor but is steadily becoming one of my favorites. He is quirky, fun, brilliant, mad, lovable,"" just everything a Doctor should be. I see glimpses of almost all of the previous Doctors: -Hartnell's ability to lure his companions on in The Eleventh Hour. "Just 20 minutes. Believe for just 20 minutes...". -Eccleston's fiery temper at the Ironsides in Victory of the Dalek's. "YOU - ARE - MY - ENEMY -- and I am yours....".-Tom Baker's lunatic method of problem solving is sprinkled through out but best seen by building a contraption in The Lodger. (a big helping of Davison in that True Blood complete series box set episode as well).But Smith forges his own personality around those brief flashes to the past. He really is some how young at heart but impossibly old.What is even more impressive is the brilliant companion Karen Gillian portrays. They have as Farscape seasons one dvd much chemistry as Tennant and Piper without falling into the heart wrenching love spiral that had to end badly. It feels like the Doctor has learned from the regeneration and grown a bit older/younger instead of just being - well here you go new actor/new Doctor. request for the BBC - a really good multiple Doctor story. would love to see Smith acting with any of the previous incarnations Desperate Housewives complete box set be it from new or old series. Mad Men box set complete series """""
"All Hail The Grand Moff ""Yes, I cried when I heard that Tennant was giving The Good Wife 1 up the role as the Doctor. Hard. I was in love with David and his ridiculous hair and manga eyes and saying "Well..." and "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." and "Allons y" every ten seconds. I would also miss Russell with his epic endings and extraordinary plot twists. Then I saw the new actor for the Fifth Series and was immediately outraged (Why was he so Carnivale dvd set young, and where the HELL were his eyebrows?). I wanted Ten back.Someone told me that Steven Moffat would be taking over. At first, I was like, who the HELL is Steven Moffat? Wait...the guy who invented the Vastu Narada, Weeping Angels, and Captain Jack Harkness? There was hope for this series. How long did it take me to admit that this was the best season of Doctor Who ever? One episode. I 30 Rock box set seasons 1-4 immediately felt guilty about degrading Matt. I was Smallville en movies totally in love with the eleventh Doctor, that "madman with a box". His witty comebacks (penned by the excellent Steven Moffat) and wiggly fingers and bow tie had me sold. Even the new TARDIS is spectacular. Don't even get me started on the companions. Amy Pond (a spectacular Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (slapstick Arthur Darvill) only add to the awesomeness of the Doctor while retaining their own grit and charisma. Overall the season was wonderful, going off a fairytale theme as the Doctor, Amy (both young and old), and later Rory try to figure out the enigmatic cracks in time, the mythical Pandorica, the Oz seasons 1-6 merely-whispered-of Silence, and who exactly River Song (an elusive Alex Kingston) really is, from Churchill to Van Gogh, Angels to Vampires, Star Whales to Dream Lords. The one reservation I would have is with the Silurian double episode (The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood). They seemed out of form with the rest of the episodes, more CSI than fairytale. I did enjoy the episodes though, I think that I would just have rather seen them with Tennant--they seemed more his style. Moffat wrote five excellent episodes in the season, as was The Unit seasons 1-4 box set expected, but special note must be made to Amy's Choice (penned by Simon Nye) and Vincent and the Doctor (penned by Richard Curtis).Go out and watch it,"" it won't The Good Wife seasons complete disappoint. """""


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