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Post  sky145206 Mon May 23, 2011 12:44 pm

"One of the best Steven Moffat takes over the series in this season and it shows. This guy can't write a bad story. This is no hyperbole either. Just check out Jekyll.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"Ignore the Naysayers ""Most of the negative reviewers are just sour grapes because David Tennant isn't Star Trek:Voyager seasons involved anymore. Ignore them! box set tv series Boston Legal Matt Smith is fantastic as Doctor Who. The stories are creative, fantastic,"" Heroes television box sets complex...and fun! It also has emotional punch. Doctor Who is going to change from time to time...get used to it! """""
"Wonderful Matt Smith proved to be very good at playing the doctor. He had big shoes to fill but did it. I Look foward to more adventures against the Daleks and hoping the complete SeaQuest DSV box set master returns,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"A mild disappointment ""I have been a Doctor Who fan since the debut of the modern series in 2005. I have every episode of the modern series on DVD, along with 30 episodes of the 1963-1989 series. I had great hopes for the current season, because Steven Moffat had taken over the show. Moffat wrote 4 Miami Vice seasons dvds out of the 46 "episodes" (2- and Frasier box sets of tv shows 3-part episodes counting as 1) from the Russell T. Davies series. All 4 of his earlier stories ranked among my all-time top 10, including number 1 (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances). Unfortunately, the first Moffat season did not come close to living up to my expectations, and I did not think that any of Moffat's episodes from this season compared favorably to his earlier 4. I think there were 2 reasons for this.Excessive quantity led to reduced quality on Moffat's part, and he had poor Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd 1-7 support from other writers. Moffat wrote as many episodes (4) and weekly installments (6) this year as he did in the entire Davies era - this was too much for him. Moffat needs to cut his number of weekly installments to 4 or 5 next year and recruit better writers than he had last year. Aside from Moffat, the only good writers in the Davies era were Paul Cornell, Robert Shearman, Toby Whithouse, and Matt Las Vegas complete dvd box set Jones, in that order. Toby Whithouse wrote 1 weekly installment this year; the other three combined for ZERO. Moffat should bring Paul Hollywood Homicide complete Cornell and Robert Shearman back.The second problem is Moffat's fault. Moffat's first Doctor Who episode - The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - was a superb example of the traditional "Doctor dvd les simpons solving a problem" type of episode. Moffat's other three episodes box set ROME from the 2005-2009 series all dealt with time-loop paradoxes and/or interleaving timelines. These episodes all worked well, especially "Blink," but this was partially because such episodes were "different." Having such episodes account for the bulk of a season, as they did in season 5, is tedious and also confusing. I still don't understand how much of season 5 actually happened after the end of the last episode (The Big Bang) erased most or all of the season.Another issue pertains to the current Doctor. I was not impressed by the Matt Smith iteration, especially in comparison to Tom Baker, David Tennant, and Chris Eccleston. (He was Mad Men television box sets definitely better than Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, or Jon Pertwee from the original series.) Tennant and Eccleston brought gravity to the role. I especially liked the angry, enigmatic, vengeful, but mostly good, version of Eccleston (Season 1 of the modern series). The "lonely angel" of the Tennant box set tv series Mad Men years (Seasons 1-4.5) also has definite merits. For example, the last 10 minutes of "Human Nature/The Family of Blood" may have been the high point of the entire modern series, or maybe even the entire series Law & Order:Special Victims Unit seasons 1-11 box set back to 1963. The latest Season 5/Steven Moffatt/Matt Smith portrayal of the Doctor as "a madman with a box" lacked dignity and emotional depth, and even risked trivializing the role and making it silly. Unlike some other somewhat negative reviewers, I did not object to Karen Gillan/Amy Pond.In terms of my average rating per episode, season 5 compares well to the first 4 full seasons, and the partial season 4.5, rating behind only season 1. However, this is due to strength at the bottom, not strength at the top. Season 5 had only 1 really rotten episode - Victory of the Daleks - compared to 3 or 4 per year in seasons 1-4. Unfortunately, my favorite 6 episodes from the modern era all come from seasons 1-4,"" and my 10 favorite episodes overall do not include anything from season 5. """""
"Great content---but BBC pricing. ""This is not a review of the content (which is why I still gave 5 stars) which is superb but of BBC pricing policies. It's ridiculous in this environment to continue to attach such exorbitant prices to their boxed sets. With only a 13 episode run it's priced at box set of Macgyver 79.98,"" up to $30 more than equivalent genre shows. Amazon takes some of the bite out of it but it's still a blatant soaking of the fans. For the moment I'm going The King of Queens complete to stick with my iTunes downloads until the price becomes more reasonable. """""


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