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Post  sky145206 Mon May 23, 2011 12:44 pm

"Very Good!! ""I watched a few episodes of this 5th series on BBC America and just didn't get into it. Someone suggested that I start with series 1 instead of continuing The King of Queens 9 dvd with series 5; I took that advice and really liked series 1 to 4 (and specials). I then tried series 5 again Star Trek:The Original box set seasons 1-3 - I don't know why, but then I liked this series.There is a new Doctor starting in this series and a new sidekick, Amy Pond. I liked them House MD the complete series both.The part of the first episode with Amy Pond as a dvd box set Angel little girl was very funny - fish sticks and pudding (YUCK!!). Only the Doctor would eat that I guess.I thought all the episodes were at least good, but some are really outstanding. The two-parter with the reptile people who live underground on Earth was well done and gave some food for thought as well. Another two-parter shows the return of the (quantum) Angels which had been featured in the (great) episode, Blink, from an earlier series, but this time the Angels are much, much more dangerous.I liked the Lodger episode, not so much for the story line, but more for The Tudors seasons four how the Doctor interacted with his roommate. Truly funny in parts.The final two episodes were another two-parter. A Cyberman's head attacks Amy - this is really something to see. The Doctor's old enemies build the Pandorica to contain him - they claim he is the most The Sopranos tv series box sets dangerous thing in the universe. The time travel line employed does get a little hard to follow here and there, but it is still a good story. River returns in these episodes and The L word dvd set is quite good.The Christmas Special was well done and full of surprises,"" if a little sad.Season 6 will be rolling out soon. Looking forward to it. """""
"Letting go and moving forward ""As a long-time fan of Doctor Who, I can say that letting go of the Doctor you loved and reattaching to someone new is a requirement of true Whovians. It's always hard to let go of the Doctor you were first introduced to (in my case, Jon Pertwee in Planet of the Spiders and Tom Baker as the next in line). Tom Baker became my favorite, and I was reluctant to even watch the new series when it was introduced in 2005. However, as always, I found the core of the character to be unchanged, and the new Doctor (Matt Smith) has found a way to infiltrate the hearts of long-time fans including new ones. The core characteristics always remain the same, the manifestation of these characteristics is the only part to change. Doctor Who is stil the most imaginative, creative, and all around great The Simpsons the series science fiction story of all time. The Doctor is the Doctor, no matter who portrays him. Star Trek, eat your heart out. Doctor Who has left you in Desperate Housewives dvd 6 the dust,"" long live the Doctor!!! """""
"Superpleased ""Since I was recovering from a hospital stay and advised not to go out in public,"" my Christmas shopping was seriously stifled. I turned to my "friend" and was not disappointed. The speed was just amazing. Thats probably because Amazon and amazing come Charmed series dvd from the same root word. JAG seasons one dvd Do they? """""
"GERONIMO!!! Matt Smith does a wonderful job in his portrayal Star Trek Deep Space Nine seasons on dvd of the Doctor. Following David Tennant was huge shoes to fill and he did it brilliantly. His Doctor reminds me a bit of a Peter Davison/Patrick Troughton combo. Karen Gillian is brilliant as the sexy redhead Amy. And Rory is well Rory. The Doctor meets many past foes like the seasons of Battlestar Galactica Daleks and the Silurians and the dreaded Weeping Angels. Also back is the mysterious River Song (some say she will be revealed to be the Rani) The Doctor needs to find why there is a crack in Time. When he does his past catches up with him. My favorite story was the Lodger. Quite humorous seeing The Wire on dvd the Doctor trying to be an Sanctuary 1-2 boxset average guy. Welcome Matt Smith. The Doctor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"Best Who Season yet! ""If I were to tell you every reason WHY you should watch this season of Who... it wouldn't fit in this text box. This is BY FAR the best Season of Doctor Who EVER. Now that Russell T Davis is gone,"" the show can really pick back up and be the way it was meant to be. """""
"BEST SEASON YET! ""I didn't think anyone could top David Tennant but Matt Miami Vice box set complete series Smith has made the Doctor his own. Season 5 with the 11th Doctor is a joy ride from start to finish. Those who nitpick every little thing in the episodes need to get a life,""kick back and enjoy the fun. """""


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Post  evanden Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:07 pm

Summary of How I Met Your Mother

Ted starts his first day as an House MD Seasons 1-6 architecture professor, standing in the middle of a classroom although the mother was House MD Seasons 1-6 DVD present, it turns out not to be the architecture class he is supposed to teach. Barney and House MD Seasons 1-6 DVD Boxset Robin have had a sexual relationship throughout the summer and Lily locks them in House MD Seasons 1-6 Box set a room, forcing them to come to terms with their relationship. After a rough patch they decide to break up. Robin describes it House MD Boxset instead as "two friends getting back together." Barney House MD DVD Box set immediately goes back to his old ways, using the playbook to score with women. Ted dates a House Md DVD Boxset Seasons 1-6 graduate student named Cindy (Rachel Bilson) and it is revealed that her roommate is his future wife. Ted buys a House MD DVD ruined house in which he will live with his future wife and kids. In the season finale, Marshall and Lily make the buy House MD decision to have a baby.


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