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Brothers and Sisters seasons 4

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Brothers and Sisters seasons 4 Empty Brothers and Sisters seasons 4

Post  sky145206 Mon May 23, 2011 12:45 pm

"What's not to love? ""If you are a Dr Who fan, well,"" go out there and get it! I was prepared not to like Matt Smith after David Tennant but I found him to be entertaining and yet another fun Dr Who. Wish these series would get to the US sooner! """""
"Not a Fan. ""Okay, I'm not Star Trek:Voyager seasons going to stop watching Doctor Who tomorrow, but Series 5 was a big letdown for me. Voices get lost in the mix (on iTunes, anyway) and accents are often way too thick for my U.S. ears. Never had this problem with Who before. Similarly, lighting tends to shade the new Doctor's eyes under his enormous forehead, which doesn't help him to do much "acting." Sidekick Karen Gillian gets one of the best introductions Rescue Me dvd seasons of all time but is frequently irritating and unlikeable. box set of Heroes As is the Doctor. And that, I think, is my biggest problem with the new series-- neither Amy nor the Doctor are nice people. The two leads bounce around from place to place, getting people killed for forgettable reasons and chronically disagreeing. More often than not, Amy will completely disregard the Doctor's orders and be right for doing so, since this Doctor is only right about 10% of the time. There's really no believing that this sociopathic incarnation of the Doctor was once Eccleston or Tennant. One episode has the Doctor putting a small child in danger because he forgets about him-- and not for dvd box set Farscape laughs. And since he's basically a pompous idiot this time around, one quickly begins to question why anyone would follow his lead. Someone should at least be questioning his medical credentials, since he looks about 22 (another problem). Tonally, Series 5 seemingly aims for a slightly older crowd, with a less fantastic feel and a more frank approach to sex. The actual result feels about as mature as a Disney sitcom, but whatever. The stories often continue from the popular Moffat works of previous seasons (River Song, the Weeping Angels, etc) and range dvd box Merlin from pretty good to mediocre. The best episodes I think were the season opener, "The Lodger," which solved some problems by separating the two leads, and the season finale. dvd Law & Order:Special Victims Unit (None would make my top ten.) The season seems to sacrifice week-to-week quality for the promise of a big finale payoff, but it isn't as clever as they hoped. Oddly enough, I am a huge fan Californication series box sets of producer/ writer Steven Moffat's other show, "Sherlock." That show also has a pompous Sons of Anarchy seasons on dvd sociopath in the lead role,"" but in that case it's appropriate. Here's hoping Doctor Who grows up a bit next season. """""
"A good first series for the new Doctor ""I came into Series 5 not sure what to expect. My favourite of Doctor of the new series was leaving, but so was my least favourite companion.Matt Smith starts off kind of shaky as a completely discombobulated Doctor, but he eventually settles into the role. Karen Gillan, on the other hand, is brilliant all the way through. She may actually top Freema Agyeman as my new favourite companion.This series is a little slim on extras. There are a couple "Meanwhile in the TARDIS" deleted scenes, 5 'In-Vision Commentaries', and Monster Files on the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Silurians, and The Alliance. Now, to be fair, NYPD Blue on dvd I haven't gone all the way through Disc 6 yet, which is the Doctor Who Confidential episodes.Still, all in all,"" it's definitely worth picking up for any fan of the new series. """""
"Easily the best season yet. ""Victory of the Daleks and the Silurian two parter aside, this is far and away the best season of Doctor Who yet. The writing has Numb3rs seasons improved ten fold over all (excluding the aforementioned episodes) which is no surprise as Stephen Moffat (Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead) has taken over as lead writer. Matt Smith plays the eleventh incarnation of the doctor. He's energetic, though brash and a Miami Vice dvd 1-5 bit more outwardly alien then Tennant's Doctor. It's a change of pace as so much has changed but it retains what has made Doctor Who such a polarizing show over the years. You'll laugh (The Lodger.) You'll cry (Vincent and the Doctor.) You'll get goosebumps (The Eleventh Hour,"" The Big Bang.) Don't wait on this. """""
"The Story Continues... ""As a long time Doctor Who fan, I admit to being apprehensive when Matt Smith was announced as the eleventh Doctor. It took exactly 5 minutes into 'The Eleventh Hour' and I was completely captivated by that face appearing over the TARDIS, followed by "Can I have an apple?". In other words, I was hooked. The story certainly goes on in the more than capable hands of current showrunner Steven Moffat, and the newest Doctor, Matt Smith.Moffat has written a witty and at times, poignant, modern fairy tale of a young girl who meets a mad man in a box, and the adventures they have when she grows up. The stories are uniformly entertaining, although the Moffat ones stand out, as does 'Vincent and the Doctor', 'The Lodger' and 'Vampires of Venice'. It's no secret that Moffat is a Doctor Who geek, like many of us, and it shows most delightfully in the way he pays homage to traditions in the Whoniverse, while introducing his own new contributions like the Weeping Angels from the previous series or the character of River Song. If this series is any indication, Moffat has left his Northern Exposure seasons six stamp on the series in ways that will continue to make it grow even more interesting as he develops his continuing story lines.And the acting ... Matt Smith is a revelation. He is uniquely able to look and behave around 12 and seasons one The Wild Wild West then, a few scenes later, ancient and wise. His Doctor is slightly unhinged, but marked by a deep compassion for humanity, particularly Amy Pond. I fell in love with young Amelia Pond, thanks to the wonderfully natural acting by Caitlin Blackwood, who is a delight in her scenes with the Doctor. Karen Gillan makes grown up Amy a wonderful counter to the Doctor - acerbic, slightly mad herself, and very much taken with her The Mentalist dvds box set Raggedy Doctor. And finally,"" Arthur Darvill made Criminal Minds seasons box set the character of Rory Williams come to life in such a realistic fashion that it's impossible Las Vegas on dvd not to like him from the moment he makes his entrance. """""


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