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Castle series on dvd

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Castle series on dvd Empty Castle series on dvd

Post  cutexin Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:29 am

I only watched the whole season, because it was a little expensive, and I didn't want to watch one or two episodes and declare it a bad show. There was way too much gratuitous sex and violence. The actors were neither attractive or in any way likeable. The acting was bad. It was way too much like really bad porn. It was more like the middle to later books of the Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake series, all flash and no substance. The fact that Charlaine Harris (from all seasons of Friday Night Lights dvd sets what I could find on a search) seem to think it was just fine, lowers my opinion of her and makes me question my good opinion of the Sookie Stackhouse books.I ended up giving the set to a person with a stronger stomach, and will never no way purchase Friday Night Lights 1-4 on dvd or watch this show again. I haven't decided about reading the few books of the series that I haven't read yet.I almost forgot, I did like the character that played Sookie's grandmother. HBO's Southern Gothic marvel, Smallville series complete 1-9 "True Blood," may never reach the hallowed heights attained by "The Wire" but that doesn't mean that it isn't first-rate television. "The Wire" was amazing for lots of reasons, but it is my all-time favorite show because it was so deeply rooted in the real-world hell that is modern Baltimore. This show reveled in its humanity as it indicted virtually every aspect of society, from the political to the religious to the educational system to journalism to the police to the citizens of the city themselves. No other great HBO series has been so grounded in the real world while offering such riveting entertainment."True Blood," on the other hand, is pure fantasy set in the Bayou Country of Louisiana. This series, just like "The Sopranos" or "Deadwood," is as out-of-this-world as "The Lord of the Rings" despite being set in the United States. The township of Bon Temps, Louisiana, is one of those hole-in-the-wall burgs where, despite a classic Southern diet full of beer and crawfish, most of the leading characters could have just stepped out of a racy lingerie catalog. Our heroine is Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin of "The Piano" and "X-Man" fame), a charming Southern purchase The Wild Wild West season boxset belle who is cursed with telepathy - not the best superpower to have when you're a gorgeous waitress slinging pitchers of beer wearing hot pants and a clinging white T-shirt. Sookie's life is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles box set season already strange enough, what with her telepathy and the fact that vampires now live among humans, allegedly thanks to a Japanese invention of synthetic blood that eliminates the need for vampires to treat humans like cattle. (Anyone who believes that this has tamed the vampires, well, stand on your head.) Sookie's brother Jason is the town boy-toy - Star Trek Voyager set 1-7 collection all muscles and libiido, even when Ugly Betty 1-3 season series the women he's toying around with start showing up dead. Her parents buy Merlin seasons 1-2 are dead (killed years ago in a flash flood) and has been raised by her charming grandmother.And then Bill shows up, and things get really strange.For Bill is a vampire - a Confederate soldier who is now all smouldering sexuality and chiseled physique. The mutual attraction between Sookie and Bill is palpable, and their soon-torrid Babylon 5 series season dvds romance is the talk of the town between both humans and vampires alike. (For those of you who first saw Ms. Paquin as an adorable cherub in her earlier films, be advised that this series is as raunchy as anything HBO has ever filmed.) As with all great HBO shows, there are too many intriguing supporting characters to mention. Just Macgyver complete series dvd when you think you're getting a handle Castle series on dvd on the storyline, a new character pops up or an unexpected revelation forces you to see an older character in a whole new light. Thanks to some excellent writing, this tale of vampirism, voodoo, racism, sex, and that certain mystique that makes Louisiana the most romantic state in the country stays just on the good side of ridiculous.This is not PG-13 stuff, so I cannot say it is fun for the whole family. But it's darn fine television and is sure to work its magic on you. The Office complete 1-6 set Being from Texas I thought the accents were a little much at first, but then realized that there ARE people in backwoods towns that talk like that. Also for most of the actors besides Arlene's character being foreign born, they did a pretty good job with the southern accents. After I got over that I was completely hooked by Sookie and Bill's sexual tension. The character spin offs were really entertaining even though after reading the books Grey's Anatomy boxset 1-6 series they were a little different. I have now read the books (Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Series) and The Twilight and I absolutely was so bored Criminal Minds 1-5 dvd set by the later. It was way to PG for someone who grew up reading Stephen King and other graphic authors. Allen Ball does a great job with this series and The Closer complete 1-5 boxset I am so happy that Charlaine Harris got a HBO TV series all seasons of Veronica Mars on dvd set instead of a teenie-boper movie. LOVE It! The casting is fantastic - the characters are superb. I can't wait to see another episode.


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