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Louisiana has a mystery about itself and True Blood does an awesome job with it. I was a big fan of Sex and the City because the 5th character of the series was New York, which I love just as much as Louisiana. True Blood does the same thing with Louisiana. Our beloved state and its culture shines through as the silent character.The actors are great and aside from the paranormal and vampires, Louisiana is a unique place still batteling with various social issues such as racism, conservatism, liberalism, and homosexuality. The overall plot and story line depicts the struggles faced not only in Louisiana but in Americia. It's true allegory and pure geneious!Give it a try...I'm sure you'll love it! I Battlestar Galactica season 1-4 dvd purchased this series after reading all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I had to get to the third video in the box set before, I decided Breaking Bad boxset 1-2 season this was an okay series. After reading the book; I'm not really impressed with the TV series as I am with the book series. The characters are so different from the descriptions in the book, and the fake southern voices are awful. At times, some of Sookie's Nip Tuck tv series on dvd and Bill's acting is just Brothers & Sisters box set collection horrible. I do want to watch seasons 2 and 3; purchase Veronica Mars episodes however, I will rent them this time rather than buying. If you're reading the book series, just realize this TV series is totally different from the book series. Look I stopped reading romance novels when I was twelve, but I like dramatic TV. I The Tudors set series 1-4 had almost given up on HBO. But this is an amazing series. The best ever female romance fantasy with intense sexual overtones. All the while that is going on, there's a mystery to be solved, with lots of violence and drama for the men.I wondered why I was so Married with Children tv series dvd mesmerized by this series, and then Miami Vice season dvds boxset found out that it was written by a woman, and the woman's point of view, unlike 90% of what you see on film or TV. Sookie is sought after by powerful and gorgeous men, be they vampires or shapeshifters. When do you ever see that on TV? I hope this is a hit and it changes Hollywood for ever more.New sexy vampires have emerged and it's about time for bored women buy all seasons of House MD everywhere. We didn't know what we were missing. Stephen Moyer could raise any woman from the dead.. My only complaint is that the writers don't give him enough screen time. Sigh. My mother in law, of all people, loaned this series to me on dvd. One viewing turned into a weekend long marathon. I simply couldn't stop! Comparing Twilight to True The Golden Girls tv series box sets Blood is like comparing a health conscious puritanical breakfast of fruit and oatmeal with a greasy Southern feast of country Veronica Mars all seasons on dvd boxset fried steak, cheese grits and red-eye gravy. True Blood is so much more satisfying in every way. The setting is so atmospheric, the music so order Castle spellbinding, the sexuality so seductive, the secrets so intriguing Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-5 and the characters so interesting that they made me go out and buy the first five books. I read Dead Until Dark (the first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries) in one day and in all honesty the tv series is better because the characters are more developed and all the extra side stories keep the story line from becoming too linear and rigid. The creator does loosely follow the plot of the book though, which kept the series from being a sellout. As for the actors they Seinfeld dvd 1-9 set are superb - each and every one. Favorites include the haunting Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer who combines your classic Southern gentleman with an irresistible element of danger, and of course Alexander Skarsgard is absolutely spot on as the Machiavellian Eric. Star Trek Voyager complete 1-7 Last Monday I saw the first episode of season two and let me tell you that I'm THIRSTY for more... I am one of the few that had never I Love Lucy collection on dvd heard of Charlaine Harris or her Southern Vampire Series. What made me a fan was HBO's series. The True Blood Series, based on Ms Harris' Southern Vampire Series of books, has truly made Ms Harris a very rich woman.


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