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Post  sky145206 Mon May 23, 2011 12:45 pm

"The New Doctor is Awesome!!! ""Since it's not out yet, I don't own the boxed set but I've seen most of the season and the 11th Doctor surpassed my expectations. Before the season started Sons of Anarchy complete dvd had my doubts but I think La Femme Nikita television box sets he might actually be better than the last two. This season was extremely good,the best since Eccelston's awesome run. He's a fun doctor,"" more care free than the last few. He may be one of the best! Stephen Moffat is also doing a great job as the new EP. It's great to know that the Doctor is in good hands. Highlights of this season are Amy's Choice and the Weeping Angel two parter. Long live The Doctor and the best show of all time!! """""
"Unacceptable Gossip Girl tv series box sets Price, Amazon ""Four for content - Matt Smith is excellent, though I still prefer the Tennant era. However, my complaint here is that the S5 box-set shot up from $51 to $68 overnight, while Barnes & Noble still has it for $40... What the hell,"" Amazon?? """""
"Bowties are cool. ""I was introduced to Doctor Who through the renewed series one and onward.Matt Smith has got to be my favorite Doctor of them all.I think the Blu-Ray Prison Break tv series box set set is very nice and the discs all look amazing,"" and amazing quality.The only thing I don't like it the cover of my set. seasons of Merlin It's that material that makes it look 3-D but it just gives me a headache.Still loved the little art cards and I won't be doing anything for a long time Deadwood seasons 1-3 dvd until I finish re-watching this series. """""
"Doctor fan Doctor Who is one The Good Wife en dvd of my hubby's favorite television series of all time - even going back to the original series from the 70s. We absolutely had to buy this newest season for a Christmas present.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"A Great Continuation of the Series ""After David Tennant had more or less made The Doctor his own, how would the new cast and crew carrying the franchise forward? In a word: brilliantly.Transitions are always tricky to pull off. Russell T Davis took a big gamble when Tennant took over from Ecclestone - a gamble that was almost too clever. To contrast the new Doctor against Ecclestone's dark, almost manic energy, RTD placed Seinfeld dvd box set the newly regenerated Doctor into a coma, so that Tennant's doctor slept much of the way through the opening scenes. It was intellectually clever but left many viewers feeling a bit over-teased. So the big question was always: how would Moffat handle his turn at the segue?The answer turned SeaQuest DSV on dvd out to be far more satisfying than RTD's approach. The opening scenes move fast and furious, mixing humor with undertones of darkness and throwing in subtle, clever little hints (WHERE did that apple come from...?) to Rescue Me box set seasons 1-5 the viewer along the way. My family and I were prepared to hate this new Doctor because the trailers had been so very bad, but the first episode swept us up, carried us along, and by the end of the first fifteen minutes we were totally convinced that Series Five wouldn't be a disappointment after all. Matt Smith's performance is very good indeed, but the real praise is for the script writing, which is of the very highest order. As the series progresses, Moffatt plays with the viewer's expectations, setting things in a direction where we all think, "oh, I know where this is leading" and then turning it around 180 degrees to head off in an entirely new direction. The most obvious example of this intentional misleading is with the relationship between The Doctor and Amy. There's probably no viewer on the planet who doesn't have The Doctor and Rose firmly embedded in their consciousness, and for a while it really does look as if we're heading for a reprise. But Moffatt is good, very good. We get the most overtly sexual references ever present in a Doctor Who episode and yet... Scrubs on dvd box set well, as River Song would say, "spoilers..." You'll have to see it for yourself.Best of all, Moffatt embraces the apparent contradiction of a very young actor playing a very old man - and Ally McBeal 1-5 boxset carries it off perfectly. Smith is at his very best when he looks out of his too-old eyes embedded in a young and oddly angular face. While there are moments here & there throughout the series where the pace drops a bit, for the most part this is compulsive viewing. It continues the tradition of optimism and Tour of Duty complete kindness that has been a core Eureka dvd boxset element of the series almost since the very beginning but it returns Merlin dvd boxset to the darkness that was part of Series One with Ecclestone. In my opinion Doctor Who needs this counterpoint of darkness in order to work really well,"" and it seems Moffatt is able to supply it. All in all this is a great series and we must hope fervently that the cast and crew The Mentalist on dvd can keep up - or even improve on - the very high standard they've set as they go forward into the Christmas Special and the Sixth Series. """""


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