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Post  cutexin Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:29 am

I'd like to point out that season 1-8 CSI:Miami on dvd a display frequent, vigorous sex does not equal good sex, nor does it make one a good lover. All it Nikita 1-5 collection dvd shows is that "Jason" and his many partners are soulless, mindless, self-interested horn dogs. As for the atomsphere portrayed in "TRUE BLOOD," I found it realistic to buy season 1-4 of Mad Men the point of making me itch at the sight and sale Miami Vice complete seasons sound of the night insects. I could almost feel the heat and smothering humidity of the deep South and smell the bayou stench. Bottom line: I have very mixed feelings about "TRUE BLOOD," which I suppose could have been neatly condensed into that one line and saved some time. But, I'm on my high horse now. Among my many mixed feelings, one is my intense dislike for how "Sookie" is portrayed in the series. In the books, "Sookie" is strong, resorceful, honest, kind, loyal, steadfast, hardworking, and caring. A gal with a conscience. Someone NCIS 1-7 dvd complete who'd never bypass a person in need. A gal the reader could care for, dream with, and hope that all would go well for her. In the series, "Sookie" comes across as a hand-wringing dimwit, and she failed to show proper respect Fringe complete seasons 1-2 for her grandmother, "Adele Stackhouse." The "Sookie" in "TRUE BLOOD" grotesquely failed to show any respect to town elders, something no correctly reared Southern girl would do. Ever. Under any circumstances. One Tree Hill complete 1-7 collection The "Sookie" in "TRUE BLOOD" also lacks the humor and tact of the gal in the books. I can only hope that the series improves. Based on my slender hope, I'm willing to withhold any truly scathing remarks and wait for the second seaon with a prayer that the series does improve by leaps and bounds because it seriously needs some major overhauls. If there is no improvement, the series is doomed. And this is more time than I could readily spare for this trivial project. When I first heard about True Blood coming to HBO I decided to give it a chance and boy am I glad that I did. Ever since the exit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer of which I watched as a teenager, I have been unable to find anything remotely close or equally as interesting.If you haven't watched True Blood season 1 I highly recommend that you do before the season 2 premiere on Sunday June 14th. Also, this show is based on the novels cheap Gossip Girl dvds written by Charlaine Harris known as the Sookie Stackhouse Books. I am currently midway through the 4th book of the 10 novel set so far. I truly recommend I Love Lucy 1-8 dvds boxed set both watching the show and reading the novels as they are equally engaging and well done.(This is the very first time I've left a comment on anything so I hope it helps some of you out in regards of whether to purchase the series dvd's or novel set.) I've never MASH all seasons collection read the books, but I Californication boxset seasons 1-3 thought I'd give the series a chance.My honest opinion is True The Simpsons tv series dvd Blood the HBO series is like watching National Lampoon meets vampires and rednecks in the bayou. That's it in a nutshell.My husband and I laughed through at least half of it, it was so incredibly stupid. And of course with HBO being HBO there are more than Rescue Me all seasons dvds collection enough explicit sex scenes that could have all been cut out. I mean we know the characters are going to have sex, but I don't need to actually "SEE" it happening.I definitely won't be watching the 2nd season. I've read the plot summaries for each of the 2nd season episodes and as Dexter boxset dvd incredible as it may seem those 24 hours series dvd 1-8 shows sound even more ridiculous than the 1st season ones. It's was a real waste of money for HBO to even create this series in my opinion.(As a side note, I LOVE reading vampire novels so the premise of this show being about vampires is NOT what turned me off to it. It is the reason, however, that I gave in and wasted my time in watching this show. Thank goodness I checked it out Ugly Betty series 1-3 collection at the library!) I have read most of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I really liked them.I watched the first season of Blood Ties on DVD, because of the books. If I had watched this show on HBO, I would never have purchased the set. I realize that movies and TV shows are usually not as good as the books, but D___.


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