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Post  cutexin Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:31 am

If you a fan of Alan ball then you won't be disappointed and if you enjoy well The Wire 1-5 complete written, constructed, acted and directed TV series' buy Rescue Me dvd box set then this is well worth considering. Do you like Vampires who don't sparkle in the sunlight, or sulk around high school like little emo jerks? Do you like love stories that actually have depth? What about characters who are multi-faceted? Do you like nudity, violence, and comedy? Are you not a 13 year old girl? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then True Blood is the Vampire Supernatural 1-5 seasons set story for you. This show is both a creatively interesting fantasy, and a realistic drama full of analogies for social and political problems. The setting and period make the issues faced Dexter season complete 1-4 in the show easily relate to issues like racism, and gay marriage... or really, prejudice of any kind. If you like fantasy, are socially Fringe episode dvd aware, and don't mind using your brain from time to time, I really recommend watching this show. Also, the dvd has some interesting features, such as commercials (from the states, and over-seas. Personally, I think the french commercial was better), and PSA's about Vampires, which help make the world of True Blood a little more real. A great show and was a great gift to hand out. The episodes are fairly long but HBO does a great job when one episode ends to continue from the exact point at which it stops when starting the new one. I am reading the books now and its kind of differnt but i love it and am so glad i purchased these. Def have to get the rest of House MD dvd season 1-6 the series! Alan Ball has created a series in True Blood that brilliantly captures the horror and eroticism of the vampire Star Trek Voyager 1-7 set collection myth while being true to the source material in the novels. Death, sex, addiction, violence, intolerance, friendship, love, acceptance, etc. all play a part of this show. If this is problematic for you, then I suggest you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm complete season dvds that other, unbelievably Charmed complete popular, benign and neutered, vampire-movie-based-on-books. True Blood is The Big Bang Theory 1-3 season set fantastic but, as reviews here also suggest, it is definitely (unfortunately?) not for everyone. Here's a little guide to quantify your decision-making.You will hate True Blood if you:-Don't like sex or the idea of other Queer as Folk seasons dvds collection people having sex-Don't think love is complicated, painful, and sometimes silly-Like monsters to be the good-guys, but only when they don't behave nasty and bad-Like violence, but only body count, NOT graphic deaths (ie, no blood)-If you think people sale The Unit seasons dvd taking big-time life risks South Park dvd collection 1-13 and being pillaged by beasties should (would?) never use curse words-Don't get/like satire, metaphor, or irony-Blocked out that orgy scene in the booksReminder: True Blood is an HBO series created by Alan Ball. If you don't understand what this means, then you should not blindly pay money for True Blood. The price was great - 40% cheaper Hawaii Five O seasons 1-9 dvdset than we saw anywhere else. The shipping was prompt and we loved watching it over the holidays. EXCELLENT!!! Even if you don't care about a lick about vampires, this is an excellent portrayal of southern culture beyond the cliches. Heck, I know this people from my own little southern Gossip Girl 1-3 season box set town. Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, from Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries) The Big Bang Theory complete series dvd is convincing in the role.


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