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purchase all seasons of MASH on dvd

Post  cutexin on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:25 am

Alan Ball has his own agenda and I just wish he had left Sookie out of it. The series is a lot darker than the tone of the books as well. That is the fun of it...in spite of all these scary things going on, the books don't seem to take themselves or the world in them too seriously. I think what has happened to the TV series should be a warning to any author that is approached to translate their work into the film medium. Unless the writer has complete creative control, their work is generally ruined. I continue to watch the show but I'm already mad at the second season because it looks like the Maenad is going to be a main character, which everyone knows she wasn't. Jason is going to join the Northern Exposure complete set FOS, which didn't happen. Once again, I didn't expect the show to follow the series exactly but if it is going to be Cold Case 1-7 collection dvd so different why bother creating it? Once again, I just wish Alan Ball had created his own vampire world and left Charlaine's work alone. bill/sookie love story keep me coming back for more.i addictive to the strange world sookie finds Californication dvd 1-3 complete herself.full of danger,passion and Castle collection 1-2 boxset paranormal characters you can't help love and hate.you Rescue Me complete dvd box set just don't no which direction the stories are going . i've read all the books love them ,but the show has me hook.waiting for season 2 is hell,but i can't wait for more eric,pam,and other strange characters that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia collection 1-5 complete invade sookie's world. We recently accidentally caught the show on HBO Series On Demand and just could NOT stop watching. All the episodes were one right after the other and we were glued to the television. We just could NOT wait Battlestar Galactica dvd 1-4 complete to see what happens next. The Unit series season boxset I actually only got to see the first 4 or 5 episodes because like I said it was accidental in the first place and we didn't know it was only until the 22 of December it was on Demand. SO, we cannot wait to see the full 1st season in it's entirety!! Yeah Sookie and Vampire Bill!! Although True Blood Criminal Minds complete is really great....Moonlight will always be the best Vampire Love story ever told. I miss you Mick and Beth Forever in my heart!! I have to say that I LOVE the book series and have read all of the ones written so far. I cannot believe how awful the HBO series based on purchase all seasons of MASH on dvd the books is. I was so excited about the TV series based on the books but, Boston Legal seasons collection I am sad to say I was so disappointed. They took a great book series and turned it into a smutty, foul-mouthed Medium dvd episodes TV show. They have characters in the Arrested Development 1-3 complete box set show that I do not even recall being in the books. I usually never write reviews for things but, I felt I just had to leave one on this series. The books are so good and I cannot believe that Charlaine Harris would want her books portrayed in this manner. I guess she is not bothered by it. I wish that I could get my money back on the DVD's. I will continue to read her I Love Lucy 1-8 series box set books because she is such a good author but, I will just use my imagination and not watch the series. My imagination is better. WOW...what a show. I saw it from it's very sale all seasons of The Golden Girls first episode and it grabbed me right away and never let go. The relationship between Bill and Sookie is HOT. I am anxiously awaiting season buy Babylon 5 all seasons dvd 2.


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